According to the business advice website Chron, “direct mail advertising is highly flexible” because businesses can use it to send whatever type of content they wish. Here at, we offer a host of different types of printed media that are suitable for direct mail advertising, below we have listed a few that are key to its success including leaflets, brochure printing and custom business stationery that you can use for sales letters. But which is the right option for you?
1. Brochure printing
Brochure printing offers the heaviest, most information-rich format that you can use for direct mail advertising. Brochure printing is more expensive to send than the alternatives, due to their larger size and increased weight. However, they provide you with the space you need to describe your business, your products or services in detail. Coupled with the statistics that highlight how the conversion rate of your direct mail campaign is significantly increased with brochure printing and distribution. We recommend using booklets if you have recently started an innovative new business and need to introduce and explain your products or services. If you run an established business, you may wish to use brochures to recruit customers from a demographic that isn’t familiar with your goods or services.
2. Leaflet printing
Printed leaflets are somewhat lighter and more compact than brochures, which makes them more cost-effective to print and distribute, they also offer the advantage of door to door distribution, which can save on postage. They provide you with enough space to show off your business, its products or its services and briefly explain your unique selling points / brand message. They are a great way to recruit customers who are already interested in the type of product or service you offer but who may not be aware of your business. We recommend using them to promote your business if you sell common, day-to-day products or services that most consumers are already likely to be aware of i.e. retail.
3. Letterheads and custom stationery
Sales letters are a polite and formal way of contacting consumers about your business, your products or your services. High quality printed letterheads have an intrinsically personal quality to them, which means that they can make customers feel valued. However, they aren’t very effective at impressing consumers who haven’t encountered your business before. We suggest deploying printed letterheads printed when you need to tell your existing customers about new products or services or coupling them with other printed direct mail media.
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Whatever type of printing and print media you choose to use in your direct mail marketing campaign, we can supply it. Browse our products online at or contact us today for advice.