Despite the growth in online advertising there is still evidence to suggest that many businesses still find print marketing a lucrative choice when it comes to their marketing mix. Traditional advertising mediums such as pint still hold a strong place in the marketing mix for many businesses globally.  

Statistics from the Marketing Knowledge Centre show in 2017 the print marketing response rate surged by 190% with 43% more customers responding to direct mail than in the previous year. By why is this the case and how can we utilise this information for our own sales efforts? 

Print is Tangible: 

As we are all aware print marketing has existed for centuries and even through the rise of the digital revolution it has not only held its own but has continued to flourish. Print is a physical entity allowing its reader to connect with the graphics and information inside.  Modern day print makes use of the new technologies, materials and designs resulting in high-quality tangible products which look fantastic in your office foyer and when posted through the door.

Let’s examine some of the printed products that are essential to helping your business drive sales and increase consumer volumes.

Brochure Printing:

The humble brochure is a powerful marketing and sales tool. A high-quality printed brochure can be the make or break of a customer enquiry leading to a sale. Take, for example the new build housing industry, a highly competitive industry here in the UK. Due to the highly competitive nature of this industry developers are seeking new ways of ensuring visitors to their marketing suits leave with the intention of purchasing a house with them. Therefore, their marketing collateral such as printed brochures and information leaflets need to be of high quality. Remember if the brochure isn’t high quality … will the house be? It is amazing how an oversight on marketing material could be the make or break of such a valuable monetary transaction. 

Business Cards: 

Business cards have stood the test of time and will continue to do so. No matter how hard the battle of the digital landscape maybe, there will always be space for the business card. Your business card is the face of your business and people will judge and make assumptions about your business from first seeing their business card. A clean and simple design in line with your branding can be extremely effective, less is more. 

Whilst we have only examined two of the most common printed marketing collaterals for business there are hundreds of printed products businesses can utilise to market their products and services. Print captures a dynamic of the marketing unlike digital content. The key to great printing starts with design and using an experienced high quality professional printing firm.