Having the right logo is key for all new businesses. Whatever sector you are planning to work in, having a logo that hits the mark will help establish your brand and make people remember you. Many entrepreneurs, though, struggle with this essential task and can find it tough. This is especially true if you do not have a background in graphic design to work from.

If you need a few tips on how to create a logo that looks amazing, the below should help. 

Use visual wordplay

One of the best logos around take the company name and then play with it visually to make something memorable. Consumers will love the way it makes them think about what they are seeing and this will make it stick in their mind more. If your company was called ‘Roman Candles’ for example, making your logo a candle with a laurel wreath above it that the Roman Emperor Caesar was famous for wearing would fit the bill. 

Instil a sense of motion

Although this tip works best for a logo with living creatures in them (like Twitter’s bird for example), it can still be applied to pretty much anything. The key idea is to instil a sense of motion in your logo design to project the idea of a dynamic company. If you look at the Twitter bird again, for example, you will see that it looks in flight which conveys this feeling perfectly. 

Use custom design templates

Online design templates are a great idea to help you get started with designing a logo. Using standard templates though can leave you with a cookie-cutter end product that doesn’t really make you stand out from others. The best way to get around this is by using templates that you can customise in your logo design. This will help you come up with ideas but give an end product that looks unique. 

Make the most of your new logo

Of course, once you have designed your new logo then you need to let everyone know about it. This means making sure it is on all your flyers, business cards, letterheads and printed business material. Here at Printuk, we provide great value and high-quality printing to all types of business. If you are a new start-up just taking your first steps, get in touch today to see how we can help.