Whether it’s boxes, packaging, mailer envelopes or even paper cups, the cheap stuff tends to come in plain white. But so does the very high-end. The difference between them?


For example, a plain white paper cup is just a plain white paper cup. But add a certain deep-green logo on there, a certain maid within a circle, and you have perhaps the most recognisable coffee-house print product on Earth. All it took was the power of a brand, a certain logo, to totally transform the context (and the price point) of that plain white paper cup.

…And you could achieve the same effect for your own brand marketing, using just plain white packaging and cheap, but high-quality, sticker printing.

Think about the logos of giants. A smile; a tick; a fruit; or a single letter. These are the simple, iconic logo designs that stand head and shoulders above the rest. What’s more, they tend to sit proudly on the plainest, emptiest backgrounds you can imagine. Why not yours, too?

Cheap sticker printing can actually look very high-end

The power behind a brand can have transformative effects on its packaging and print materials. And, for sole traders and SMEs trying to make every penny work harder right now, you don’t even need to print that branding directly onto full-colour envelopes or packaging. A carefully placed sticker, on more affordable plain white card or paper, could achieve exactly the same high-end branded effect. It pulls all the focus directly to the power of your branding – and your logo comes across as confident enough to stand on its own.

Sticker printing is longer-term, higher-mileage marketing

A simple, beautiful logo design, printed on high-quality stickers, gives you a fantastically versatile marketing hack. Because a sticker is a freebie, a novelty; something to throw in for free with people’s purchases. Stuck to a file, a surface or a computer, for example, they can advertise your company for years.

Branded stickers are the kind of print marketing that your customers will share, so they’re ready-made word of mouth. Since the first rule of sales and marketing is to get attention, an eye-catching (and extremely budget-friendly) printed sticker could be your secret weapon in getting your brand out there, on any surface you can think of, and in front of as many eyes as possible.

Harness the power of a stripped-back design

When a printed sticker is simple, beautiful, eye-catching and iconic, its design can do a lot of the hard work for you. Since ‘brand’ describes the interplay between your audience and the value you provide to them, it’s a two-way street that you can partly control. An expert logo design really can go a long way in terms of catching your prospective customers’ attention, engaging their wants or needs and curiosity, and even compelling them to call or browse.

When the design of your printed stickers is attractive and compelling enough, the background can simply fade out of focus – meaning that you could save a great deal of your marketing budget and achieve cleaner, higher-impact branding for your company, while using the cheapest and plainest card or paper. In this way, people’s attention is focussed solely on your brand.

Printed stickers as a starting point

Of course, there’s always room to upgrade to full-colour print marketing later, whether you’re looking for printed vinyl banners, flyers, letterheads, business cards or anything in between. But if saving on your marketing spend is the absolute priority right now (or if your branding is due for a revamp), just take a moment to think how well your logo could stand on its own, on an affordable but high-quality sticker, against a plain white or kraft-brown background.

For sheer versatility and value for money, printed stickers are arguably one of the best marketing investments you can make for your company, no matter how slim your current budget happens to be. Whether on packaging, envelopes, cups, containers, labels or as freebies with deliveries, they’re the ultimate all-purpose print.

Designing professional printed stickers

When it’s boiled down to a simple sticker, a brand really has nothing else to hide behind. From a design point of view, it’s the ultimate test of brand recognition – or whether that brand’s design could use some work to help bring in and convert more customers.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your marketing, and really getting your brand out there among paying customers with some super-versatile printed stickers, then we’d love to help out.

Get in touch with our team of print experts, or visit our sticker printing pages, where you can upload your print design or see our huge range of professional sticker design templates.

While cheap printed stickers may seem small and simple, they really could make all the difference in getting more customers to notice and remember your brand. In truth, a versatile and eye-catching sticker is a must for any brand, in any industry – so don’t let all those daily marketing opportunities go to waste! PrintUK.com