The use of posters for advertising and media campaigns is highly popular. A well-designed poster attracts the attention of passers-by and provides them with succinct and immediate information. However, if you want to maximise their potential, you should read on to avoid making the errors listed below when designing a poster…

1. Too many information clusters

We recommend not adding more than five to six clusters of information to your poster. This is because an overload of information can be overwhelming and can’t be fully understood and processed by the viewer or reader. 

2. Having unreadable text 

You can’t afford to have fuzzy or otherwise illegible text, whether it’s due to low-resolution files or bad font selections. Even if your poster is image-focused, any text must be compelling.

Consider the distance people will view your poster. If you can’t read or understand your poster from a few metres away, neither can your prospective consumers. Double-check with your print services provider that the files you supply them are of sufficient resolution to ensure that the quality of the poster is not damaged when they are scaled or printed.

3. Don’t make a mistake by going too large or too small 

If you want to make the most of printed posters for marketing, it’s critical that you pick an appropriate poster size.

Many individuals make the error of printing a large poster to attract more attention or picking the lowest size feasible to save money. Your best option is to first figure out where the posters will appear before deciding on size.

4. Using low-quality materials for printing

One of the most typical poster printing blunders is to choose the cheapest paper available. While using the cheapest paper can save you money, it will also give your poster a shabby appearance. A low-quality poster won’t survive long and is unlikely to capture anyone’s attention.

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