Chances are that you haven’t given much consideration to your corporate envelopes. Many organisations have long undervalued the benefits of customised envelope printing, but when done right, envelope printing can help boost your professional image. Here are three reasons why envelope printing can help your business gain more traction and success.

1. It’s more personalised

You can personalise your envelopes based on who you are sending them to and what you’re wanting to promote – this includes potential or current clients as well as any companies you’re collaborating with. People are much more likely to open your mail if it attracts the eye and leaves them wanting to find out more.

Our letterboxes are often a sea of white and brown envelopes, so if you want to pique the interest of the receiver, why not use your logo and company colours in some way? This is one of the easiest ways to get your company out there and what’s more, it’s much more direct than flyers, leaflets or business cards.

2. You have more control over envelope size

On first thought, the size of an envelope may not seem that important, but when it comes to custom envelope printing, it is critical to get this right if you’re going to create the perfect first impression. Writing that’s too little or cramped onto a small envelope will look unprofessional, as will a large envelope that has too much blank space. Think carefully about what you want to put on your envelope and request expert advice on the most suitable and functional envelope size.

3. You can showcase what you’re all about

In addition to helping you increase the credibility of your company, personalised envelope printing helps to highlight your pride and investment in your brand, since you have greater control over the material quality, size, font and message that you pick. Custom envelopes provide you with the opportunity to create a lasting first impression on customers and to improve the reputation of your business.

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