In the turbulent visual sea of online marketing, a small start-up fish can find itself getting quickly swallowed up. But if you’re brave enough to swim against the tide and use printing and print marketing, you’ll give your customers something tangible to connect to, and that makes a genuine impression.
Don’t be confined by cost
Yes, print costs and a marketing budget may be at the bottom of your list of spending priorities. But don’t let cost define what you can achieve. Put together a budget and stick to it, presenting a print strategy to your investors to outline the power of its reach. Then use special offers and the commercial printing companies expertise to create high-quality leaflets and brochure printing which will accelerate your business sales and growth.
Promotional products expand your reach
If you’re not aware of the figures for customer impressions associated with printed promotional items, then you should be. According to the PPAI, 82% of customers who receive a promotional item like a pen or a t-shirt, leaflet or flyer have a more favourable impression of your brand and 81% of them keep those products for over a year. That’s a marketing reach and number of impressions that conventional advertising channels can’t match, and makes promotional products the most effective marketing medium right across the generations.
Brand your gifts with your logo, phone number and social media contact details and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of cross-channel marketing coupled with an exceptional ROI. You’ll also enforce brand cohesion across your channels which leads to brand recognition and builds customer loyalty.
Print establishes your credibility
Your business card still matters but so does your printed brochure. It’s the most personal and direct way to exchange contact details and services which will create a good first impression of your brand. In turn you’ll build credibility with clients and customers alike – carrying a business card and printed company brochure at all times shows you take a professional approach to your start-up and are always prepared to do business.
Don’t believe us? Well have a look at this fantastic article on Entrepreneur: Don’t Overlook Print When Mapping Out Your Startup Marketing Plan
Print still creates a connection in a way that digital cannot. Why invest in a fleeting online ad that’s liable to fall foul of an ad blocker, when you can create gorgeous printed brochures, leaflet printing and other publicity materials that will differentiate you from the competition? If you’re interested in harnessing the power of print for your start-up, then contact us at today for more details.