Are you in charge of a graphic design business that designs posters for printing? You may be a graphic designer with your own start-up or the head of an agency that creates poster designs for corporate clients. In either case, you may wish to consider expanding your business model. Instead of just designing posters for individual and corporate clients on a commissioned basis, you could also produce printed posters for sale in the retail sector. This would allow you to use your graphic design skills to tap into a completely new market. What’s more, it would enable your business to create poster designs based on your passions and thematic preoccupations, instead of your clients’.
Producing posters for sale in the retail sector isn’t as complex as you may think. Here at, we’re passionate about printed media, including poster printing, so we’d like to address some of the questions and concerns you may have about creating posters for sale to consumers.
1. “Will I need to invest in a specialist printing press?”
You don’t have to buy any equipment in order to turn your creative designs into physical printed posters that you can release into the retail market. Here at, we can take you poster design and print up as many copies as you need, lithographically or digitally. Unlike your corporate and individual clients, we don’t produce posters for our own use: we simply turn your print designs into completed products that you can use however you wish.
2. “Isn’t poster production expensive?”
There’s no need to worry about the cost of producing printed posters when you use a printing service like the one we offer. We are able to keep our prices low because we are supported by a large client-base and already have all the press equipment we need to create your posters and other print media. Turning your designs into products is much cheaper than you might think.
3. “Is there a market for original posters?”
Ordinary consumers love posters. If you’ve previously worked primarily for corporate clients, you may think of posters as a form of marketing. However, for most people, posters are a decorative way to express themselves. One of our previous articles: 5 Tips For Making An Eye-Catching Poster highlights the way in which posters can be used to “motivate, inspire or simply put a smile on [the owner’s] face”. If you produce appealing, beautiful posters, you are certain to find a market for them. Whilst your looking for inspiration its worth having a look at this fantastic article by the CSS design awards: 50 Ultra Creative Typographic Poster Designs50 Ultra Creative Typographic Poster Designs
At, we can provide cheap printing for any posters you design. If you would like to get in touch a member of our team would be more than happy to help with your poster printing venture.