Are you an SME or Startup looking to grow your business rapidly, but limited by marketing budget? There’s no need to compromise on your unquenchable ambition as there are lots of great, cheap and effective marketing tactics that you can employ to suit any level of budget. Below you’ll find a list of proven business generating techniques that will elevate your business sales and greatly improve your business visibility.
Newsletter / E-mail:
Email is a low-cost, high-return way to enhance customer relationships and increase sales. The conversion rate of emails is historically low in comparison to other marketing mediums but it has a fantastic ability to increase brand awareness and improve upon your network. Email campaigns can be conducted for a fraction of the cost of other advertising and can be rolled out quickly by buying local data from other companies i.e. Experian. The key is to send an email out twice a month, but only to your internal list of registered members who have signed up to receive your email/newsletter. For prospective target customers keep it to only once per month. Print your articles and create a printed newsletter that can be direct mailed to prospective clients to hit them at two different touch points, online and offline. Remember to write high quality content that is relevant and entertaining in order to see response rates climb.
Public Relations (PR)
PR doesn’t need to be an expensive venture as there are lots of low cost reputable distribution channels in the online world i.e. PR web & Business wire. In order to reap in the best results tailor your articles to specific topics that are relevant and timely within your industry. Remember that PR not only promotes your business through the different distribution channels that pick it up, but when coupled with a hyperlink to your website it will help push up your ever important local and national google search rankings.
Flyer and Leaflet Printing

Printing is a cheap, very important marketing medium and actually has the highest return on investment when tested against online alternatives. High quality leaflet printing and distribution in your local and regional area can considerably increase your business sales and growth. Print media marketing holds the attention of prospective clients for a lot longer in comparison to its online alternatives, which allows you to go into more detail about your business its products and services on your print media. Consider this in your leaflet design but keep the graphic design clean and professional. In order to increase your business visibility quickly and cheaply, printing is a low cost instantaneous tactic that should be employed in your marketing strategy.
Networking Events
One of the most important activities you can do to boost your business sales is to attend networking events. Networking events are a great way to meet potential customers, gain useful knowledge and insight into your industry and to boost your visibility. It is not enough just to turn up though: you need to go prepared with an array of printed marketing tools; otherwise you may find that you could lose out on important contacts and potential customers. With some quality printed media under your arm i.e. business cards, printed leaflets or company brochures, you will greatly improve your visibility and make use of each and every networking event you attend.
Word of mouth advocacy is often the most desirable form of marketing. This builds trust of your brand and when a recommendation comes from a personal or business contact then it is favoured in comparison to normal reviews. So how to build advocacy? In order to get people talking about your business and build visibility they are a few low cost routes available i.e. run a contest, stage a local event, or contact influencers who have networks within your target market and send them samples of your product so they can share the brand with their contacts and naturally build advocacy. Create an exclusive club part of your business that gives its members benefits and slowly but surely advocacy will form and snowball, but remember that advocacy is a long term goal which won’t necessarily reap instant results.
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