Direct mail marketing is the process of sending marketing materials to potential customers, by post. It requires the design and printing of tangible marketing materials. You can send general marketing messages, or something more specific like brochures, flyers, or even discount codes and offers. Although some companies choose email marketing over direct, the two are not mutually exclusive, and direct mail offers a number of benefits over other marketing techniques:
1 – Highly targeted
You can build your own direct marketing list, or you can buy existing lists from lead generation companies. Some lists include very specific information. For example, you can buy a list of people that have bought a specific item within a specific geographic location. If you are building your own permission-based list, you can ask whatever questions you like, gathering exactly the information you need from prospective list members.
2 – Customisable communication
You can customise every element of direct mail. Choose between items like marketing letters, brochure printing, flyers, or sheets of discount vouchers and offers. You can also personalise every piece of mail that you send to include the name of the recipient and any other information that you have gathered during the list-building phase. This can’t be done with techniques like newspaper or radio advertising.
3 – Tangible marketing materials
It’s easy to ignore email, and many consumers have become blind to banner and display advertising, but there is still something powerful about being handed a piece of mail addressed to the recipient. People are more likely to open a personalised letter than they are email, but it feels less intrusive than a cold call.
4 – Results are trackable
It is easy to track results from direct mail campaigns. Direct readers to a specific landing page on a website, give them a specific phone number or measure the number of coupons or offer codes that are used following a direct marketing campaign.
5 – Cost-effective marketing
Brochure printing and flyer printing are inexpensive, and you only need to print exactly the number of items required. The actual posting or delivery of direct mail is also inexpensive, while mailing lists can be acquired for relatively little investment, especially when you concentrate on highly targeted lists of relevant recipients.
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