All business owners are currently dealing with the impact of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown enforced by the UK Government. While it is key to fight this virus and follow official guidelines, it is also true to say that lockdown has put an immense strain on businesses of all sizes. When the virus has been dealt with and lockdown is hopefully lifted at some point in the future, companies will need to find a way to recover quickly and attract customers back.

Print marketing can be your secret weapon to recover from the impact of this current pandemic. While handing out or delivering printed marketing materials should only be done when officially allowed, it is a strategy to have ready to go when life gets back to normal. As these materials can be designed and purchased online as well as being safely delivered, you could even spend spare time now in getting them ordered up.

But which printed marketing materials could work best to help your business recover?


When lockdown and social distancing come to an end, it is highly likely that people will value human interaction more than ever. To help your business get back to where it was, why not think about using flyers to tap into this? Not only do they give you the chance to engage with people when handing them out but they can also be customised to any design you like to really grab people’s attention.


Brochure printing is something that you could think about now so you have them ready to use when lockdown restrictions are hopefully lifted in the future. Brochures are ideal to put through people’s letterboxes or even send out in the post. Once in the home, they give a constant reminder to people of your services and where you can be found.

Business cards

When life returns to normal and we are allowed to mix with people again, you may decide to network in order to drum up much-needed business. One great print marketing tool to use here is business cards. If you have a supply of these with you, it not only makes you look more professional but gives an easy way to pass contact details to people in a format they will keep.

Print marketing can help your business recover

In line with Government advice, we must stay at home for now and do as we are asked. You can still begin to plan now for when the lockdown is lifted though and take time to ensure you have the right marketing materials ready. Here at, our great value print marketing resources, like flyers and brochures, are the perfect thing to help you battle back from the effects of COVID-19 when the time is right.