Marketing is super important for any business and has a major impact on long-term success. The great thing for any modern entrepreneur is the many ways you can reach consumers now. From traditional marketing resources to digital marketing innovations, business owners are now spoilt for choice. Some, however, can find this overwhelming and struggle to pick out which channels are best to use.

If you find yourself in this situation, adopting a multi-channel approach is sensible. But what is this, why is it so good and how can you implement it?

What is multi-channel marketing?

Although it may sound a complex term, multi-channel marketing is actually straightforward. As the name implies, it involves using multiple channels to market your business. Common channels included in this approach are social media platforms, print marketing, company websites, company blogs and search engines.

What benefits does multi-channel marketing deliver?

To begin with, marketing across multiple channels helps you connect with more people and engage with your target audience on a wider scale. This helps you to attract more customers and get the word out to more people about your latest promotions. This type of marketing also gives brand awareness a real boost because you are putting your business in front of more people.

Using a multi-channel approach also means you can connect with people wherever they are and at whatever time it may be. It is also superb for showing consumers that you are a modern business that understands the value they place on using multiple platforms, apps and devices.

How do you implement a multi-channel approach to marketing?

A good place to start is targeting which channels to use. It is key to find out which ones your audience engages with and focus on these. Within this, you also need to look at which specific platforms they may use – do your customers prefer Facebook to Twitter, for example?

Print marketing is worth including for all businesses because it has a high level of trust and is relatively low cost. For example brochure printing is a great way of creating trust with your clients, detailing the key aspects of your business. It is also key here to decide which print supplies will have the most impact. Is handing out flyers in the town centre better or will brochures delivered to people’s homes have more clout? Once you have settled on all this, you need to sign up with the relevant platforms online to post content and order print supplies to distribute.

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