Ask any successful entrepreneur about their first business name and they’ll probably wince. We know what it’s like when you’re hit with the sudden rush of inspiration and excitement. You feel like you can’t wait to see it printed on a beautiful 400GSM silk matt laminate finished business cards, with the name in embossed font. But hold back Jack! Here’s 3 key questions to ask yourself first…
1. Is it taken?
It is amazing how many startups have been stumped by this and it is all down to a lack of research. Don’t just Google it, check Facebook, Twitter and, importantly, Companies House to ensure that your name is entirely original. Even a company with a similar name could cause confusion to your customers. So before you have created your designs consider potential competitors branding and aim to differentiate yourself before ordering your folded leaflet printing
first folded leaflets. Remember if your name is not original you will also struggle with copyright and trademarking your business name.
2. Does it make sense?
This one can be tricky. On the one hand some companies are named after their founder or the service they provide, and on the other you’ve got completely random ones – like certain greetings card websites. The important thing to remember is not whether it makes sense literally, but does it make sense in the context of your marketing materials. It’s worth having a read of one of our previous articles if you’re trying to think of how to market your new business: Branding Your Business with Printed Marketing Materials. A funny name can work wonders if it suits your business, but calling a premium car company “Silly Sausage Wheels” isn’t going to work, with this in mind you have to keep it appropriate to your products and services.
3. Will you marry it?
Repeat your idea a thousand times, until it loses all meaning before you hit go. This is crucial because if your business is going to be successful (and we hope it is), you’re going to be married to this name for a long time. Re-branding down the line can be a painful and expensive process that doesn’t guarantee success. Think about it.
Check out this great article from startups before naming your business: How to choose the perfect name for your business
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