Small businesses often rely on word of mouth from local customers to spread news of their services. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Invest just a little cash and time and watch your new clients roll in with the following 3 tips.
1. Know your niche
What is the service that your company offers? Why should clients come to you over the small business on the other side of town? Now, if you’re running a successful company, presumably these are things that are already cemented into the fabric of your business plan, so make sure that your advertising reflects this.
2. Know your client base
This goes back to knowing your niche. Successful businesses don’t try to please everyone. Regardless of the cause, it is a fact of life that making everyone happy at the same time is never going to happen! Instead, focus on a specific target market, get to know their requirements and tailor your services to suit. Again, ensure your advertising reflects this. This is a good stage at which to employ an expert in graphic design to create branded advertising material which will appeal to your specifically targeted customers. For example, Leaflet printing is a fantastic way of distributing information about your business to a local geographical area without incurring too many costs.
3. Know where to advertise
In order to maximise the number of potential customers you can reach, you’re going to need to utilise a variety of advertising mediums. Social media is a great starting point. It is inexpensive and will allow loyal customers to review your work, hopefully leaving great ratings. People trust what they know and who they know, so the more customers you can get to rate your work, the more of their trusting friends, colleagues and associates get to hear about your company.
You’ll need other mediums too, not everyone has time in their busy schedules to scroll through social media. However, they will inevitably make their way through their front door in an evening, so the use of leaflet printing here is key. Ideally your graphic designer will have created an eye-catching and appealing design appropriate to your brand so all that you need to do is arrange to have them printed and delivered. Head to to find out how you can get started today.