Nowadays it’s easy to assume that digital marketing is the best way to promote your business. After all, why spend money on print marketing when you can market your business for free through Facebook and Instagram? It may be exceptionally easy to write a tweet or send out an email newsletter, but it isn’t always the right answer.
Any good business owner or marketeer will still see the value in print marketing and know exactly why we should still be using it. Print marketing can be a really powerful way to reach your audience and get your business’s message out there.
So why is print marketing so important?
Something you can hold
People respond well to printed materials such as flyers, printed brochures or business cards, amongst other things. Printed materials are tangible, your audience can physically hold them and really take their time to read them. It’s likely they will hang onto your printed materials for a long time, and therefore go back to them and read them more than once. Brochure printing, for example is a fantastic way of introducing you customers to a new product or service whilst also enticing them to keep a hold of the brochure for future reference. This is very different from an email newsletter which might get scanned quickly and then deleted.
Something you can trust
There is something about print marketing that instils a sense of trust in its audience. Printed marketing materials such as business card printing or brochure printing give the impression of professionalism and the idea of a company that you can trust. This is especially true when compared with digital marketing, as we are living in a world where people are becoming more and more suspicious of emails and aware of online scams.
Not everyone uses the internet
Despite the fact we live in a highly digital world, there are still those among us who don’t care for the internet. By only using digital marketing tactics, you run the risk of missing a whole group of people who won’t see your online marketing. Using print alongside your digital marketing will ensure that you reach the widest audience possible.
Helps you stand out
Nowadays, a lot of companies assume that print marketing isn’t worth pursuing and have stopped using it. By making sure you include printed materials in your marketing strategy, you will gain the competitive edge and stand out amongst those companies who don’t use it.
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