Spring is just around the corner, and longer sunny days are upon us. For many businesses this is the perfect time to run a campaign or send out new marketing materials. Make the most of colour during the spring and summer with these four tips:

1. Colourful images

Colour always plays a big role in marketing, from establishing your brand to setting the tone of your advertisement. Spring and summer give you the perfect excuse to use bright, vibrant images that are sure to grab and hold attention. The right image can capture attention even faster than a compelling headline, so be sure to consider the role that imagery will play in your marketing this season.

2. Colourful text

Using colour in your text can be a great, yet subtle, way of making certain information stand out. You should always use clear, easy to read fonts, but highlighting key elements in a different colour can help make sure that those parts are noticed and read by your customers. Be careful to ensure that the colour of the text doesn’t clash with the colour of the background, as you could end up losing viability and making your message difficult to read.

3. Seasonal colours

Using seasonal colours makes your marketing relevant, and therefore more likely to be noticed by potential new customers. Spring colours might include pastel blues and greens, daffodil yellows and floral pinks. Alternatively, for a summer feel consider sky blue, sunshine yellow and ice lolly reds.

4. Psychological effect

Colour is always essential to the psychological effect of your marketing. For many people, spring and summer are typically happy times and the colours associated with these seasons reflect that. ‘Tis the season to effectively produce feel good marketing with vibrant posters, colourful leaflets and eye-popping banners!

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