For any business to succeed it must grow, develop and evolve. The foundation upon which this is set is largely down to trust. Establishing trust around your business and brand is key when attracting and maintaining clients. Now there are a number of ways of doing this but one which we are going to look deeper into is the use of branded stationery. Professional, high quality branded stationery tells clients and perspectives that the business is legitimate and professional. The digital world in which we find ourselves largely makes us overlook the use of a pen & paper but the reality is high quality stationery will leave a lasting impression and is essential the face of your business.

Stationery as a Marketing Tool:

Businesses are constantly sending out communications in various forms whether its business cards, brochures or branded pens. Having a diverse range of branded stationery can be incredibly powerful for marketing purposes. This can include, customised letterheads, envelopes, pens, brochures, business cards, compliment slips, roller banners, invitations, greetings cards, folders and a whole host more. By having a variety you can constantly market your business in a creative yet professional way. Branded stationery is largely far less intrusive than email marketing campaigns and direct mail marketing campaigns as used too much these can put of clients and potential new customers. Consistency in your business image is vital, you must ensure your business stationery matches your website, signage and other marketing materials. Branded business stationery effortlessly markets your brand.


The business card remains the catalyst for generating new business leads and landing potential new customers at networking events or conferences. Business cards should be designed using a high quality design ensuring the companies logo, branding, contact details are shown clearly. A business card is an extension of your business and should emulate professionalism and expertise. Business cards are not usually disposed of immediately and are a lasting impression of your brand long after an event has taken place. Take into consideration style of card, the finish and size. Used in-conjunction with business cards, branded pens, mints and other stationery items work incredibly well at generating talk and interest at an event. Branded stationery reinforces word of mouth recommendations and can facilitate on going secondary networking.

In & Out the Office:

Having analysed the importance of branded stationery outside of the workplace in generating new leads and contacts it also plays an important role within the office. When clients, suppliers or perspectives come to your office it pays to have on show branded stationery. From the pen used to sign in at the reception to the calendar on the wall. Consistent display of your brand and logo will be absorbed by people and make them more likely to remember your business over another. High quality notepads, mouse mats and desk calendars given to your employees will also make your office environment more professional and productive.

Visual Identity:

Visual identity is key when establishing differentiation between your business and your competitors. Visual identification refers to your name, branding and logo which represent your business. In order to promote your business successfully your brand identity show be viewed as one of the most valuable and essential endeavours made by your marketing team. Your business stationery must be of high quality, anything cheap or of low quality can quickly determine your business as unreliable.

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