It’s time to start thinking about your brochures in a new way. No longer do they need to function as repositories of knowledge – you’ve got a website for all the mundane detail. Your brochure now functions as a glossy takeaway, more like a high-end lifestyle magazine, packed with stunning imagery and featuring a high print specification. It’s an effect that’s difficult to achieve with a small or home office inkjet printer and should be produced by a commercial printer either lithographically or digitally printed.
Offline exclusivity
Though your glossy brochure will no longer standalone, functioning best as part of a cross media marketing strategy, you can create added value by using it to promote exclusive offers that track back directly to your printed material. Brochure printing also remains an ideal way to promote your online presence, so ensure your website and social media details feature prominently in your layout. And never forget that some clients simply prefer the reassuring solidity of hard copy, and will appreciate being able to browse in their preferred format.
Size matters
Experiment with different formats. A4 brochures are traditional and give space for high-quality content and imagery to breathe, while most closely mimicking a glossy magazine or annual report. On the other hand, many brochures now appear in A5 which we would typically refer to as a booklet, a size that handily tucks into a handbag, briefcase or backpack. This is a grab-and-go option that may catch your customers’ interest.
The engaged customer
Your printed brochure should be a desirable object, graphic designed to create the emotional connection with your business services or products that no website can produce. While brochure printing is no longer the only tool in the decision to buy, a customer or client who picks up your glossy brochure is engaged with your brand and your products, not an anonymous visitor to a website.
Printing still forms an integral part of the marketing mix, check out one of our previous articles to see why: Why Print Still Matters

Keep it sustainable
One of the major arguments against the production of brochures in the digital age has been that they’re environmentally damaging. However this is a myth, with the rise of modern sustainable printing techniques and papers, producing a deluxe printed brochure can be seen as a way of highlighting your sound environmental credentials. The printing industry is incredibly environmentally friendly and wholly supports the progression and innovation of recycling, paper is a renewable resource, making it largely reusable, recyclable and biodegradable. It is the most recycled material in the world and within Europe paper and commercial printing companies carbon balance the paper, it is grown in lines and cut as a crop with a policy of cut one plant two trees.
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