Designing the perfect marketing strategy for your start-up or small business is never an easy task. You have to bear in mind who your target customers are and then analyse data about their habits. If you’re struggling to attract your ideal customers, we’ve put together a guide to help.

1. Social media

While having a presence on social media is good, it’s vital that what you say is relevant. Instead of just using social media to promote your business, you should be very strategic about what content you post and the ways in which you answer your customers’ questions. When you take time to create interesting content, it will give the impression that, behind the screen (and business), there is a person who cares and really understands their customers’ needs.

2. Utilise engaging print materials

While online marketing is a huge field in itself, newsletters and leaflets can attract leads too. Not only will good print materials help you learn more about your customer demographics, but they also provide a more personalised approach. Creating leaflets, newsletters and more sounds like a lot of work, but that’s why companies like are here to help. High quality leaflet printing is a fantastic way to engage all audiences.

3. Post content on blogs

Blog content helps keep your company on Google’s radar, which, in return, boosts your ranking and attracts more customers to your site. However, blog posts shouldn’t necessarily be self-promotional; instead, highlight the importance of your services and provide advice to your target audience.

4. Target ads

Facebook and Google ads will help promote your services to people in your geographical location and are usually targeted based on their interests as well as their browsing activity. There are many ad options to choose from today, including images, videos, polls, carousels and more, so you can mix it up based on what content your customers have interacted with the most.

5. Don’t be afraid to survey your customers

Ask your customers what they think of your business, how you could better present your services and what they feel is missing currently. Once you’ve established your target audience and what they respond well to, you can begin to market your products or services accordingly.

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