It’s a bit of a truism that your customers are your best friends and worst enemies – particularly these days when a sniffy trip adviser review can go viral in minutes! Truth is though that episodes like that are pretty rare, and generally customers will stick with brands and businesses they know and are familiar with but appreciate good service.
Have you thought about loyalty cards?
So once you have your regular, returning customer base, it’s nice to remind them about you and keep them coming back! A loyalty card is a lovely and simple way to do that. It highlights how you recognise loyalty as a business and want to reward those who are loyal to your business. It’s handy, it’s portable, it tucks easily into a purse or wallet and as they open their bag to pay for something somewhere else it reminds them about you! An online article in Forbes suggests that it’s seven times less expensive to keep a customer than acquire a new one and a bit of appreciation will go a long way. (Article link at the bottom of this post)
A loyalty scheme doesn’t have to be expensive, and any expenses you incur will be offset by the returning business. It’s up to you what your reward is, whether it’s accumulative (for example your tenth coffee is free), or routinely available (5% off every time). It could be your most popular item, or it could be a new range you want your customers to discover. However you set it up, make sure your customers know about it!
Graphic Design is important
Having your loyalty card printing carried out professionally will let your customers know you’re serious about it, and them. When it comes to the graphic design of your card there are a few things to bear in mind i.e. the size, the colours and your branding.
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Most loyalty cards are around the size of a business card – it fits easily into a wallet but isn’t going to get lost. As for colours, you want to make sure your customers can find it – there’s nothing worse than standing at the till getting flustered while searching for something until you decide not to bother – make it eye catching! And as for your branding you want it to be a reminder of your business, its branding and what you offer, not something that could be mistaken for someone else. Remember that while you have the loyalty offer on one side you have another side to advertise yourself and you products/services.
Forbes article: Warning: Is Your New Customer Coming Back? 4 Steps You Should Take Now

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