We all know that a printed brochure is the first port of call when you need a smartly printed report or document, but did you know that there are dozens of other creative ways you can be using high quality brochure printing to generate sales and increase your industry clout? Here are just a few of them…
Product catalogues
It doesn’t matter whether you’re an eCommerce business or a shop with your own commercial premises, printing brochures to use as product catalogues can be hugely beneficial. Keep a stack on the shop floor for customers to take away and browse, or send them out to your best clients to keep on their desks for reference. Having something comprehensive that details all your products, services, options and prices is valuable for converting customers in the long-term and is also a good way to stay front–of-mind.
Printed portfolios
Getting the edge over the competition is crucial in competitive creative industries. A professionally printed brochure that showcases your portfolio is a great way to give that high-end, slick appearance to your brand. Pick a selection of your best pieces and sample them in creative layouts and double page spreads to really capture imaginations and exhibit your skills in hard copy brochure printing style. You can even send them out to prospective clients to generate new collaborative leads.
You know you’re an expert in your trade, so show the world how passionate and knowledgeable you are with a magazine or newsletter. Why not produce a beautifully printed magazine or brochure every quarter, and fill it with interesting industry content that helps and informs your customers, product features and customer stories? It’s a great way to help clients and customers stay up-to-date and makes you look like the industry expert you are.
Tell a story
Getting people to rally behind a cause is easy when there’s a personal story they can relate to. Make sure your next event, show or exhibition is as successful as it can be, and print a booklet or leaflet that tells the story behind your cause or business. Giving some context or background help to add that human element and really makes a difference to how people relate to you. Need some help and information on how to run a successful print campaign?Checkout one of our previous blog articles to help you on your way: Crafting A Cohesive Print Marketing Campaign.
Also there is a great resource thats worth looking at in the BusinessZone website: 10 simple yet powerful marketing tips for promoting your small business
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