Increasingly, marketers are placing more and more emphasis on the easily trackable benefits of digital marketing channels. However, they forget the important role that printing and print media can play as part of an integrated campaign. A well thought out piece of print media, in particular personalised for direct mail, can have a fantastic impact that will generate many leads and ensure that you achieve the holy grail of return on investment (ROI). So next time you’re planning a marketing campaign, don’t forget to consider your old friend print media and what it can offer.
Print media is tangible
Of course, through digital channels it’s quite possible to reach thousands of potential customers in one hit. Although a fantastic weapon in your marketing arsenal, it’s crucial to remember the tangibility and legitimacy that printing and print media can bring – especially to small businesses. Having collateral such as printed business cards or flyer printing highlights your willingness to invest in your operation, but also people could easily forget if you simply refer them to your website.
Print media and brand awareness
Unbelievably, we’re not always looking at a screen, and having your brand prevalent offline through medium such as brochure printing, printed posters, leaflet printing and even corporate stationery will help to increase your brand awareness among your target audiences as well as your current customers.
Integrating print with digital
Now let’s make it clear this isn’t a we hate digital post! We’re fully aware of its immense benefits, but printing can have a big role in making it even better. It’s not so much print vs. digital – in fact, you should be using print to drive digital traffic! Whether this be through QR codes, vouchers, variable data codes or other means, use it to get potential customers looking at that awesome video you made.
Generate and track sales through print
As well as driving people to your digital channels, it’s possible to generate sales directly, check out one of our previous articles: How To Get More Customers With Print, and as long as you add some specific promo codes to your print collateral, you can track exactly how effective it has been.
Make a statement today
Have a rethink of the marketing activities that your business currently carries out and decide to incorporate print into your campaigns so that you can monitor the increased ROI that print can deliver. If you’ve always been aware of the benefits printing can bring then call the team so we can help you improve the impact and integration of your different marketing mediums. Request a bespoke quote today or get in touch with a member of the team at now by calling us on 0845 2993 923, and we’ll discuss your print needs and help you along your way for a more successful marketing journey!