When it comes to starting a business, it can feel like the tasks that need completing are never-ending. It doesn’t need to feel this way, though; working with a print and design agency can really help you get everything in order. But what do you need to think about?
The logo
It’s important to get the logo right – it will be the icon that communicates your business name, reputation and core message. It will be what people remember (or don’t remember) you by. It’s important that it is simple, effective and that the colours you choose send the right emotional message for your customer and industry.
The website
Having a website is like owning a digital shop. Whether you’re using it as an e-commerce platform or not, it’s like a store window – it’ll be what helps to boost awareness of your business, sell your services and get people interested. It communicates key information, is a hub for posting news and updates, and can also be a sales tool.
Social media
There’s no disputing the power of social media. It’s a great way of interacting with customers. The handles you choose are important; they need to be memorable, short and ideally your business name in full. Anything too fancy, confusing or with numbers or punctuation will make it hard for people to remember and find you.
Business Stationery
It is really important in business that you are cohesive in everything that you do. From your business cards to letterhead printing, envelopes to leaflets, it’s crucial that your branding matches and has a united feel. It needs to also coordinate with your website, logo and overall design aesthetic – take the time to get it right and to give everything you send out that professional touch.
Marketing Collateral
From leaflets and newsletters to letterheads, communicating with customers and potential buyers is important. You need to keep them in the loop about what you’re doing, what new launches and products you have, exclusive offers, etc. If you sell products, printing a brochure or catalogue summarising your whole collection will help customers get a snapshot overview but also provides them with something to take away.
If you want to promote something, sending out professionally designed business stationery and promotional material i.e. flyers and letterheads in the local area can help drum up interest and get new footfall through the door. Put effort into your marketing and it will reward you in return.
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