Flyer printing is a fantastic tool for building buzz about your business. Typically they are designed to be less textually-dense than printed leaflets or brochures, but they are more personal than posters. As a result, they can intrigue customers without overloading them with information. They’re also more versatile than you might expect: you can deploy them as a stand-alone advertising campaign or use them in conjunction with other printed adverts. Here at, we’re pleased to offer flyer printing and design with a broad selection of different flyer types to ensure that they meet your marketing criteria. But once you’ve designed and printed your flyers, how can you distribute them in a way that will encourage people to read them? We have several distribution tips that will help ensure that your flyers are picked up and read by your target demographic.
1. Be personal
If you want to make sure a recipient reads your printed flyer, it’s important to make them feel that your business cares about them personally. People relate more strongly to advertising materials when they feel that those materials have been personalised to them. If you choose to have your employees hand out flyers in the street, adding a personal touch is easy: just encourage them to chat with recipients and behave in a friendly manner towards them. If you send out your designed and printed flyers as part of a direct mail campaign, you can use computer software to ensure that each one mentions the customer it is addressed to by name. This simple, subtle step will dramatically increase the chances of recipients reading your flyer in full and responding positively to it. In fact, the small business website Chron has written a great article: What Are the Benefits of Direct Mail Advertising? That argues that the ability to personalise advertising materials is one of the main advantages of direct mail advertising and increases the conversation rate of the call to action dramatically.
2. Avoid ‘untidy’ distribution methods if possible
Certain distribution methods (such as sticking flyers under the windscreen wipers of parked cars) can be categorised as ‘untidy’ and reflect badly on your brand. If a distribution method is untidy there is a chance that your flyers will blow away or become dislodged from their position, or if they may become damaged because they are exposed to the elements. This lack of neatness can negatively affect the way consumers view your flyer printing campaign and, therefore, your business. While untidy distribution methods are sometimes the only viable option and can generate a few leads, they are not ideal. If you have other distribution methods available, we suggest you use these.
3. Use the same distribution point regularly
If you have your printed flyers handed out or put them in public place where consumers can take them, you should ensure that you utilise the same distribution point multiple times. Some consumers may notice your flyers but not have the opportunity to get one the first time they pass your distribution. By keeping the distribution point in the same area, you can give these consumers another chance to pick up a flyer the next time they pass by. You might be surprised by how much this can increase your uptake and ultimately increase your localised brand awareness.
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By utilising these flyer distribution techniques, you can easily increase the number of people who pick up and read your flyers. If you’d like to see our range of printing, you can check out our products at, if you can’t find what you’re looking for please get in touch and a member of the team will be more than happy to help.