The price of producing and distributing printed media and advertisements is generally very low in comparison to alternative marketing mediums. However, if you are on a tight budget, you may wish to lower your advertising costs even more. After all, reducing the cost of your advertising campaign frees up money to spend on other aspects of your business. Here at, we’ve created a list of tips for lowering your printing costs dramatically which should help your ROI (Return on Investment).
1. Advertise in unusual places
The website has written a fantastic article that suggests that you “place your adverts… in unusual locations”. This is a particularly useful tip for poster printing and distribution. You don’t have to put up your advertising posters in shop windows to grab consumers’ attention. There are plenty of blank walls where you can put up your printed posters for free. Although these walls are less prominent than shop windows and other high-profile locales, people still walk past them on a daily basis. Consequently, your posters should still attract plenty of customers if coupled with striking graphic design.
2. Hand out flyers in person
Flyer printing and direct mail advertising campaigns are a great way to recruit a broad consumer base. However, the cost of sending your adverts through the postal system may be too high. Do you only need to recruit consumers in a small local area? If so, why not simply hand out your printed flyers and leaflets in person? All you have to do is choose a street with a lot of foot traffic and hand out your printed flyers and other advertising materials to passers-by. You should be able to hand out dozens of flyers or leaflets in a few hours. If your employees help too, you can distribute hundreds if not thousands in a few days. This distribution method also has a personal touch, which consumers often find appealing and this marketing and distribution method is particularly cheap.
3. Obtain a mailing list
Sadly, handing out flyers in person isn’t always a viable option. If you have to reach consumers across a wide area, you may have to use direct mail advertising. However, you can save yourself money on this form of advertising using a mailing list. Mailing lists show the addresses of particular demographics. Instead of sending you printed flyers in the mail to everyone in a particular area, you can use them to reach out to your target demographic. There’s no point wasting money on advertising to people who won’t become customers. If you don’t know how to find appropriate addresses and create your own mailing list, you can buy one from a marketing business or a specialist company i.e. Experian. It may be cheaper to buy a mailing list than to send mail to everyone in an area.
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