Having custom flyers printed is a perfect way for businesses of all sizes to promote themselves. The affordability and relative ease of custom flyer printing means small businesses can particularly benefit – but when you receive your custom printed flyers, what should be your next steps?
Step 1 – Planning
You need to get your flyers out there to the public, but where are you going to put them? Invest some time thinking about your local area: where do you notice the highest footfall? The more eyes on your flyers the better, so try and gravitate towards high traffic areas. High quality flyer printing will get your flyers noticed and increase the chances of a new customer getting in touch.
Be mindful that you can’t just put flyers anywhere you like. Businesses are often willing to help other businesses, but only if you make the effort to go in and ask nicely. Don’t just expect to put your flyer up in someone else’s window without permission.
Step 2 – Getting Out There
With your map of potential flyer locations, it’s time to get boots on the ground. It’ll probably take some time to get your flyers up in all of the places you want, but it’s a time investment worth making. Think of how many eyes will see your flyer in a single day: that’s invaluable promotion for your business.
If you’re a startup, you might find it difficult to make the time to put up flyers, but try and find it anywhere you can. If it’s possible, take a stroll on your lunch hour with a small stack, or take them with you when you’re running errands.
Step 3 – Prepare Your Next Flyer
As with all marketing campaigns, flyers have a lifespan. You’re going to need to regularly post new flyers if you want to keep encouraging new customers. One of the great benefits of flyer printing is the affordability and the impact they can create. This is your chance to experiment with a variety of custom designs and colour schemes, to see what fits your business the best. PrintUK.com have a variety of flyer templates you can use, this way you can mix up the designs regularly without having to pay for a graphic designer on each occasion.
Getting your business flyers custom printed from PrintUK.com has never been easier or more affordable. Make the most of our exceptional service and browse our available options today!