As you are aware, more and more businesses are trying to go paperless these days. This being said the importance of printed office stationery remains a staple for most businesses globally. Letterheads are an element of this and most companies have not and will not be done with them. This is due to their ability to build and maintain a business’s professional image and positive reputation.
In order for a business to be successful they must have a professional image and a positive brand association. A letterhead is incredibly important to a brand as it’s the first impression a prospectus has of the business, first impressions count.
High quality printed letterheads can set you apart from your competitors. Using your logo will help to identify your brand. Ensure you use a high-quality image as this can immediately have the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve if a poor one is used. You must have your companies contact details visible, not only does this make it easier for someone to get in touch but also further defines the company’s identity. Most often this information will be placed at the top or the bottom of the letterhead.
One of the most often overlooked elements of a letterhead is the legality behind it. A letterhead can be the foundation upon which proof of communication can be ensured along with giving a clear distinction between originals and copies.
Many people do not realise the advantages of using printed letterheads. Small businesses especially could really benefit from the advantage’s letterheads bring. Ensure you spend time on creating a design in line with your branding. Letterhead printing is an inexpensive way to create positive associations with your business.
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Using a letterhead design template is an easy and cost-effective way to create your printed letterhead. For thousands of professionally designed templates visit or for a bespoke quote get in touch,