Due to the rise of social media, many marketing strategies no longer focus on print as a means of advertising their small business. However, even in 2021, print marketing is still one of the most effective ways to promote and grow a business. According to a statistic by Finance Online, of consumers trust print adverts the most when making a purchase decision.

If you are looking to improve your print media marketing for 2021, here are some of the best ways you can promote your business with print media.

Personalised printed adverts

One of the easiest ways to make your adverts stand out is to personalise them for each customer. There is no doubt that someone would have a better response to an advert through their mailbox if it was addressed to their name rather than to the ‘resident’. Personal touches can make a world of difference, especially for a small or local business, and is an easy strategy to implement as long as you have the necessary information available.

Direct mail marketing

Although this may seem like a more old-fashioned kind of marketing, there are still many benefits of direct mail marketing. If your print media is appealing and informative, it is much more likely to stay in customers’ minds than an email advertisement which they can easily delete.

Not only is direct mail marketing memorable and interactive, but it can also reach a bigger audience, especially if your target audience does not regularly use email or social media.

Creative business cards

Although business cards, too, seem like an old way of advertising, their benefits cannot be underestimated. According to one study, a company’s sales increase by 2.5% for every 2,000 cards handed out. Therefore, you should still be handing out business cards whenever you have the chance. Business card printing is very important for all businesses for all sizes.

Do everything you can to make your business cards creative and stand out, so that potential customers remember you. For example, printing on recycled paper could let your customers know that your business is eco-conscious.

Start printing today

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