If you believe that print marketing is dead, think again. Figures from the British Print Industry show print is healthier than ever with the second largest share of UK advertising expenditure at 29.9% and an impressive annual turnover of £13.8 billion. It seems that print is here to stay, but what makes it such an attractive marketing medium?

The power of touch

Digital marketing may appeal to our eyes and our ears, but the sense of touch is powerful. Touch is our first connection with the world. It creates an instant connectivity between the recipient and your printed brochure or leaflet. It’s that very tangibility and physicality that gives print the edge when you’re building a relationship with your clients.

Credibility and commitment

Putting print on paper makes a powerful statement about the credibility of your company and your commitment to your customers. Print adds a physical reality to your marketing that digital advertising simply can’t match. Well crafted brochures, leaflets and business cards create a sense of gravitas that customers respond to because they understand the choice to use print equals marketplace permanence.

Brand recognition and reach

Direct mail, business cards and catalogues are old-fashioned ways of getting your name in front of customers that have all found favour in the 21st century. Catalogues offer a more appealing form of browsing than the visual clutter of the internet, while business cards and direct mail are proven ways to integrate online and offline campaigns. Because of print’s permanence, you’re creating a physical reminder of your company name and brand identity that won’t disappear at the click of a mouse or the swipe of a finger. Instead, your print marketing creates tangible memories that can extend your reach, particularly if you use an integrated marketing approach.

Holistic marketing with print

Print alone is still a powerful marketing medium, but by harnessing the power of digital in a holistic strategy you can exploit the strength of both media. Develop your marketing strategy with high-quality printing in mind and you’ll engage your audience on multiple levels.

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