As trends diversify constantly in most realms, print has remained a constant in the marketing world. Despite the rapid expansion of the internet and internet based advertising and marketing, printing remains a lifeline to a number of businesses, services and communication platforms in today’s world. Working in conjunction with one another, the internet has revolutionised printing in a number of ways from production, quality to delivery. Don’t be disillusioned, the internet and your online presence is without a doubt essential today but print will always reign supreme in conducting business interactions, gaining brand awareness and ensuring growth.

Brand Visibility:

For your clientele and potential new customers to recognise you it’s vital you are getting yourself out there on as many platforms as possible. Firstly your branding is important from using a mix of unique combination of colours, fonts and a striking, yet professional logo. Ensuring your marketing collateral has consistent branding whether it’s your banners, signs, poster, flyers, brochures, folders etc. When printing your marketing materials its essential to ensure you use a high quality printer who uses highest grade paper stock, machines and ink otherwise you can quickly tarnish your reputation for being professional. It may be common sense but check the spelling, grammar and size of your printed materials so it’s legible and easy for people to read and understand.

In an article by Dylan Hull: 5 Reasons Why Print Marketing is Still Important for your Brand, sums it up perfectly: “Remember that consistency is key to a successful business brand.”

Print in the Marketing Mix:

Print still holds a firm place in the marketing mix, first and foremost because it works. While most businesses have digitalised their processes in order to increase efficiency there is still a reliance on traditional printed marketing materials in the workplace. Consumers still look for trust before making a purchase with it estimated 79% of consumers will act on direct mail immediately compare to 45% who say they would deal with a marketing email straight away. Even massive online brands still print magazines and catalogues which they send to their customers and stakeholders. Marketers know printed publications and other branded materials are a great way to establish and maintain brand awareness

Tangibility & Credibility:

Printed materials are physical items whether they are business cards, brochures, posters, leaflets and flyers etc. Whether they are used in the office, kept on the walls in people’s homes it could be a number of years before they are discarded. In this time your business name is constantly visible to your target audience. Tangibly goes hand in hand with credibility, the intrinsic feeling you get when you hold a newspaper, magazine or book gives legitimacy around your business. Websites are often skimmed over in a matter of seconds per visit. When a customer or prospective customer reads a piece of printed material they are most likely to be engaged for a longer period of time. On average a consumer will spend around 40 minutes reading a magazine.

Old has become new:

With a number of businesses taking their marketing online, print is now becoming new again as print media is becomes a new trend. Our inboxes are constantly being filled with ads and irritating marketing emails most of which we largely ignore. Taking this in mind designing and outputting high quality printed products should be a high priority for your marketing initiatives. Print media is available in a variety of different forms making it versatile with a number of large corporations integrating technology into their print ads.

Technology is progressively driving down printing costs therefore you can do more with your marketing budget than before. Interaction with you brand is key to growing and establishing your client base and brand awareness. When designing your promotional materials remember to include a call to action or subscribe to your mailing this or just focus on driving people to your website. Print is a form of communication and remember marketing is about building a relationship with your customer and print is great way of doing this.

We are not advising you abandon your online marketing efforts, in fact quite the contrary. It’s all about integrating your digital and print marketing to create marketing campaigns which are more influential, stronger and resilient.

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