Photography is a hobby enjoyed by millions all over the world. Whether you like to use our favorite best selfie ideas or take photos of landscapes, there are several types of photography that people like to participate in. However, while some do photography as a hobby, others do it as a job.

A big part of running a photography business is being able to get new clients, while also making a good first impression. One of the best ways to do this is by having a business card. These can easily introduce yourself to others, while also providing an easy way to give someone your details.

Unfortunately, finding the right layout, design and colors for a photography business card can be difficult. In an effort to help, this blog post is going to go over 5 great photography business card ideas.

Get Creative with the Shape and Color


One of the most important things about a business card is being able to catch someone’s eye with it. While a nice clean white, black or grey business card looks elegant, they are also quite common. If you want to make a splash and be different, consider adding some color. 

If you plan on using color extensively, you should consider using the same (or similar colors) that you used when designing your logo. In addition to color, the shape of your card can also be very creative and assist the card in standing out. It can be in the shape of a digital camera, have the design of a polaroid picture or be any number of other creative and unique options.

Of course, ensure the shape is relatively similar in size to the standard card design. If it is too large or small, it might be difficult to carry or could get lost.

Show off Your Work


When many people create a business card, they only focus on one side with their information and leave the other completely blank. If they do add something, it is often only a business logo. If you want to take this to the next level, consider using the blank space on the back of the card as a way to show off your work.

You can print all of your cards with the same photo, or even have different card variations to show off your different talents. This will help your business card act as a mini-portfolio, showing potential clients and customers the types of shots you are capable of capturing.

Make Your Details Pop

While you want people to love the design of your card, you also want to make sure they see your details. The point of a business card is getting more business, and to do this, people need to reach out to you. So instead of your business details and contact information fading into the background while your logo and design steal the show, why not make your details pop as well?

This could be done by making them a bold font, give them a strong border, or find another way to draw a person’s eyes to the details. There are many options, but be sure that whichever you choose still lines up nicely with the rest of your card as well as the identity of your brand.

Avoid Clutter

One of the biggest mistakes to watch out for when designing a business card is clutter. Many people simply try and fit too much information and other details onto a business card. This can leave it a little too busy, and make it hard for someone to focus on specific details.

The biggest contributor to the clutter on a card is often the text. You want to limit print as much as possible, while still providing the important details and information. This includes your name, email, website, address and other useful information.

In addition to print, having too large a logo or too many smaller design elements on the card can also make it a little too cluttered. It doesn’t have to be plain in design, but be careful not to do too much in the limited space a business card provides you with.

Focus on Quality


No matter the color, design or content of your business card, it is a good idea to make sure that it’s high-quality. If you attempt to print your card at home or use a cheap online service, the poor quality of a card can be noticed immediately. You want your card to feel relatively substantial and strong, as well as hold up over time. High quality business card printing is absolutely essential to their success.

The cost difference is often minor, as quality business cards are still very affordable. It is worth it to make a good first impression. Also, take time to think about the card stock. Some prefer a glossy card to really show off the colors, while others may like a matte surface in order to get a more professional and sophisticated look.

The Right Photography Business Card

The right business card is one that looks good, while still providing all of the necessary details and contact information. We hope that the information and ideas included in this article have been able to help inspire you to create the best photography business card.