In an increasingly digital world, the way people respond to leaflets is changing. When marketing messages can be delivered direct to your smartphone, personalised to your lifestyle and location, how can a humble printed leaflet capture customers’ attention? We look at some popular leaflet design templates and discuss why they work.
Hero images
If your message can be captured in one stunning image then this is a great way to market it. A hero image is a large picture that dominates the printed leaflet or poster; text is minimal and either placed to one side or at the bottom, allowing the picture to speak its thousand words. For leaflets, the image can be faded, forming a background for the text.
It’s the image that really does the work here, drawing the potential customer in and guiding their eye to a few well chosen words. If you have great photographs or a stunning logo, this could be worth a try.
Using colour
You’ve probably heard that colours can elicit emotions. Red captures our attention because our brains are hard wired, even though it took thousands of years of evolution to see it as a sign of danger. Cool shades like blue, green and purple make people feel calm whereas orange and yellow make people feel warm and comfortable. Contrasting colours can create stunning effects that help you get your message across.
Although this is a ‘trend’ that’s been around for a few years now, it sees no sign of going away. Whether you harken back to the ‘good old days’ of the 1950s or tie into the trends of the 80s, nostalgia evoked by Stranger Things and Guardians of the Galaxy, picking an era that your customers see as a happier time can help connect your brand with positive memories.
Seasonal images
Making things relevant with a seasonal or current image tells your customer that this is a recent leaflet printing exercise, and that it needs their attention before that time/date occurs. You can also tap into the good feeling associated with holidays and celebrations which traditionally can boost sales as the marketing message is more on point, for instance the Christmas Coca Cola advert.
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There’s a lot to be said for giving someone a graphic designed and printed leaflet in this digital age, especially if it’s been developed with care. Contact us at today for more information.