Many businesses around the UK use print marketing resources to reach out to consumers and let people know about their latest deals. With an inherent level of trust built-in, they provide a cost-effective way to market your company. As with any marketing resource though, it is key to do all you can to make sure your print marketing campaigns really connect with the public.

But how can you do this effectively?

Target the right audience

Whether you use flyers, brochures or leaflets, print marketing supplies only work if the right people see them. If someone is not interested in what your business offers or does not need what you sell, no amount of marketing is going to engage them.

Taking steps to target the right audience before embarking on a print marketing campaign essential. Key things to think about here are narrowing down which demographic might be most interested in what you offer and which locations might be best for distributing print supplies.

Focus on outstanding design

Once you know who you need to be distributing your print marketing supplies to for the best results, you should next consider their design. Do not be tempted to rush through this in a bid to get going on your marketing push.

Sending out badly designed flyers or leaflets is a sure way to turn consumers off and harm your brand image. Take time to think about the fonts you will pick, the colours you will use, the layout and key information you need to include.

Put in a CTA

When thinking about making your print marketing supplies really connect with consumers, remembering to include a ‘Call to Action’ on them is critical. Without this, anyone who sees your flyers or brochures may not know what to do next or be confused as to how to contact you. It is therefore essential to include a clear CTA which sets out what you want people to do and how they should do it.

For more on target audiences check out this great article on Marketing Evolution: Steps To Find Your target Audience

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