When you’re starting a small business, getting your name out to the public is important. And because you’re a new company, you’ll probably only have a relatively small budget to play with. This is where knowing the most efficient advertising methods can be useful. In this article, we discuss some of the most cost-effective marketing techniques and why they work so well.

Free online content

One of the best starting points is social media, with most sites being free to use in their basic forms. Begin by creating Instagram and TikTok accounts and posting videos and reels that talk about your products. This is a great way of organically growing your brand without paying for an advertising campaign. Creating your own content online is a process that does take time, but if your videos gain views and shares, it’s worth the effort.

Poster campaigns

Sometimes the traditional ways are the best, and this is the case when it comes to using poster campaigns to advertise your company. The average British high street sees a footfall of 12,500 people per day, and a poster costs you very little money to print and plaster up on a wall. This means that you have the opportunity to draw thousands of people into your business at a minimal outlay. Not only is poster printing cost effective but designed correctly can be incredibly powerful in capturing a large audience.

Social media adverts

Another way of ensuring that your online advertising is effective is by making use of pay-per-click ads. Pay-per-click advertising consists of companies paying search engines for advertising space, with payment only required when potential customers click on your link. This is an essential tool for a start-up, as you only have to pay for the views that have the potential to lead to a sale, and nothing more. For a budget-conscious company considering digital marketing, PPC advertising is an ideal option.

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