Your brick and mortar is an essential part of your brand. As such, customers should recognise it instantly. This comes down to your signage, whose importance we’ll discuss in the blog post below.

What is signage?

Signage is any graphic display intended to communicate a message to a target audience. This starts with the business name and address, and other relevant and often overlooked information for businesses. Online marketing can easily convince you that you don’t need such physical marketing tools in this digital world, but, signage works well with digital marketing to bring customers closer to your brand.

Why is signage important for a business?

Branding purposes

Digital marketing will stir up plenty of interest in your business, getting customers to interact with you online. However, they need to recognise you. Signage helps with branding your premises making it easier for customers to identify you from the crowd.

Psychological impact

Signage helps make an impact on the minds of your customers. Your company name and logo design are a part of your identity, the same as your online presence. Most of the time, it is what comes to mind when customers think of you. For example, Apple’s silver logo and simple font are identifiable by virtually anyone in any part of the world, thus illustrating the <a href=>importance of your signage</a>.

Affordable marketing

Signage markets your business effectively and cheaply. All you have to do is create the right signage, especially outdoors, and it will help attract more customers to your business.

Effective communication channel

Signage on your premises, such as a notice board, on the wall, or anywhere else conspicuous, not only directs customers’ attention to you but is also a chance to share important information. For example, a dentist can have their business name, exact location, and operating hours on their signage in a business park. Thus, customers won’t be confused about when they can make an appointment and where to go.


Digital marketing is critical today, but traditional marketing tools like signage are just as effective and necessary. Contact us and let us help you create the most compelling signage for your business,