Although the COVID-19 pandemic is still with us for the foreseeable future, the UK economy is slowly getting back to work. Recent weeks have seen more UK shops and businesses allowed to open up again and start to bring customers back through their doors. While the new measures in place mean this might not be in the same way as before for now, it is still a great shot in the arm for UK companies.

However, after such a long break, it is key to attract customers back as soon as you can – ideally with as little outlay as possible! Print marketing is the perfect solution as it offers great value for money while also being a very effective marketing tool. But which print marketing options are the best to help your business recover after COVID-19 lockdown?

Brochures and leaflets

Brochures and leaflets are great for connecting directly with potential customers and helping get the word out that you are open again. Both also give you the chance to give vital information to consumers in terms of revised operating arrangements. As both can be mailed out directly, it means you do not have to manually post them through letterboxes which may not be wise in the current climate. Brochure printing is a cost effective way of communicating a large volume of information.

Letterheaded paper

Another great print marketing resource is letterheaded paper. This can be designed with your company logo, colours and details on for maximum effect. Ordering your own letterhead to use means you can write to existing customers with details of your reopening in a professional and safe way. This sort of direct mail campaign also allows you to put extras like money off coupons in the envelope.

Business cards

Networking will be key to companies in their recovery from COVID-19 shutdown – even if it looks a bit different for a while. Business card printing are vital to networking and can really help you get back on track. Even if you attend virtual networking events for now, having business cards ready to show on-screen or upload will help you connect with other delegates better.

High-quality printing with

As the above shows, print marketing can be a real help for your business now that COVID lockdown is easing. While handing out flyers in person or attending real-world networking events may not be the done thing right now, print supplies can still help out in other ways. For the best value and best quality brochures, leaflets, letterhead and business cards, get in touch with today.