With the growth of email, direct messaging and social media, the amount of post carried by Royal Mail has dropped significantly in recent times and, with 17.5 million items of ‘unwanted mail’ being shipped across the UK each year, it’s hardly surprising if householders turn a blind eye to what they perceive to be ‘yet more junk’.

So, making your envelopes stand out is vital to avoid them being discarded along with various dull brown and white letters that give little away about the contents – and an envelope that boasts a colourful logo is more likely to be opened immediately. That’s why our envelope printing service could be the next vital tool in your marketing campaign to promote your brand with your customers.

A choice of sizes and styles

For an envelope to meet the needs of your marketing campaign, it’s important to choose the correct size and style. Because every piece of direct marketing is different, we offer a selection of envelope sizes and paper thicknesses. Our printed envelopes are also available with windows, which are particularly suited to more formal letters bearing the name and address of the recipient, as well as gummed, self-seal and ‘peel and seal’ closures.

Before deciding on the size and style of envelope, it is important to decide how large you wish the brand logo to appear: the larger the envelope, the more prominent your logo can be.

Full-colour printing gives your business the edge

Everyone loves colour, so a dreary black-and-white printed envelope that drops through the letterbox is unlikely to catch the eye of the customer and may even be dismissed as being ‘unprofessional’! With full-colour printing, you can guarantee that your business’ logo will stand out from the crowd, and you can even have colour printed on the reverse as well!

Consistency tells a story

Effective marketing makes the customer feel they are part of your story, and you can achieve a cohesive feel by using the same logo, colours and paper for the envelope and the material contained inside. For example, if you choose to use a heavier weight paper for the letter or <a href=”https://printuk.com/flyer-printing”>flyer</a>, match it when you select the envelope, as this will reinforce your business’ professional image and help to separate your mail from the insipid junk that ends up in the customer’s recycling box. Consistency shows that you’ve thought carefully about every aspect of your communication.

So, if you’re ready to ditch the boring plain envelope in favour of a stunning, eye-catching design that your customers are bound to open immediately, get in touch with printuk.com today!