Whatever the design, picking the right colour is a priority. The colour that you use is as important as the image or font. It is the colour that grabs the attention as colours have different individual associations.

This means that a colour is a vital tool that can influence the mood of your potential customers. It is important to remember that how we perceive colour also depends on the culture a person grew up in but is also directly related to their experience, preferences, and upbringing.

As everyone perceives colour in different ways, this means that an ideal colour palette doesn’t exist. If you want to create a very effective design, then you want to understand the meaning of certain colours and how they carry your message to a target audience.

Warm colours

Warm colours are named this because, generally, they will cause feelings of happiness, passion, energy, and enthusiasm. Warm colours include orange, red, yellow, and other variations. Yellow and red are the two primaries in the palette.

Red is a colour that has a broad number of uses, connected with love and passion. It is often used as a symbol of danger, such as a red light or stop sign.

Yellow often symbolises enthusiasm and energy and is often connected to sunshine and happiness. Yellow is often used in designs to generate sensations of cheerfulness. Whether its brochure printing or leaflet printing always consider colour choices.

Cool colours

This group includes blue, purple, and green colours. The primary colour is blue. Blue has many connotations, in the English-language, it will refer to sadness. It is also connected with calmness and peace. The meaning of blue will depend on the hue and shade.

Neutral colours

Often neutral colours are used for the background. Having said that, they can be used on their own to create refined designs. Black is a very significant neutral colour and is often connected with mourning. Despite this, its functionality ensures that it works very well as a background image and text.


You always want to bear in mind the current trends in design and how colours play a part in that. When it comes to choosing the right colour for your design, work with PrintUK.com and we can create a design that will make an impact.