If you want to get the most from your printed Direct Mail ROI, then think about lumpy mail. What is it? Exactly what it says on the tin. It’s mail with a lump, or a special surprise inside it.
The logic is simple, we get a lot of post every single day and the one that really stands out is always going to be the one with something inside. Lumpy mail sparks curiosity and ensures that if there’s one piece of direct mail that gets opened that day, it’s going to be yours.
Printed & Branded goods work well
It can be something as simple as a branded pen, mouse mat or printed notepad; that’s all it takes to spark people’s curiosity and it can ensure that your brand stays on their desk. That can reap its own rewards and is certainly worth doing, but you can obviously get creative. In fact, we’d recommend it.
You can send a simple novelty item that relates to your business. One London based company recently sent out a tiny toy trumpet, with a printed flyer containing the simple slogan: “Blowing our own trumpet.” It was simple, cost-effective and it grabbed enough attention to create headlines, which is a great example of lumpy mail advertising.
Make it personalised
If you’re in pest control, send a plastic mouse, if you’re in cleaning services then send them a tiny mop. Maybe send something that is location specific i.e in London you could send a gift with a voucher attached for a new attraction.
Make your lumpy direct mail relevant to your business and think of a way to really make it stand out and make an impression on your audience. Back it up with a killer offer on a professionally designed and printed leaflet or brochure, too, as once you’ve gone to the time and expense of grabbing their attention, you owe it to yourself to make the most of it and really stand out from the competition.
Send out your lumpy direct mail in a high quality printed envelopes, invest in your graphic design too and let them know on the outside there’s something special for them if they’ll just pick up and open the envelope. There have been countless studies that prove the efficacy of this strategy and human nature is what it is, you know that you’d open an envelope like this.
So, lumpy mail can send your ‘open rate’ through the roof. From there, of course, you still have to seal the deal and give them a compelling enough offer to secure a sale. But the lumpy mail will do a lot of the hard work for you, so if you’ve yet to try it then give lumpy mail a go. You might just be surprised.
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