There might be a huge focus on digital marketing in today’s connected world, but print marketing is more important for businesses than ever. Did you know, for example, that:

– 92% of 18 to 23-year-olds find print easier to read than digital.
– Consumers trust print advertisements more than SEO ads – 34% more!
– Direct print mail marketing has a response rate that is 37% higher than digital equivalents!

Why you should invest in your business print

Your brand is your business, so high-quality printing is a rapid way to build brand awareness and trust. And whatever your industry, there are likely to be a core set of materials that will add real value to your customers, and to your bottom line.

What print materials should you invest in?

If you don’t have the following already, it is well worth investing in these materials now so that they are ready for your next face to face opportunity:

1. A hard copy brochure or leaflets that explain what your business offers.
2. Pull-up stands for events such as trade shows, customer events, premises signalling and directional signage.
3. Business cards to hand out to potential customers, clients, leads, partners, suppliers and so forth.
4. Printed letterhead for all business communications. Nothing looks cheaper than non-printed letterhead!

As well as looking professional and reinforcing the value of your brand, these print materials are cost-effective to produce with the right printing partner, they can be stored and used at a minute’s notice and they can be customised to share your key messages and offers.

For example, printed letterhead can be used for direct mail campaigns, customer correspondence, PR purposes and stakeholder engagement – and branded envelopes share your brand and encourage that all-important open rate.

Printed leaflets and brochures can also include vouchers and other discount codes which are great if you own physical premises such as a restaurant, shop or entertainment premises.

For more on the power of print, check out this fantastic blog post on FedEx. The Power Of Print

Invest in print media for your business today

To get the most from your print, choose to create all of your business prints, leaflets, flyers and more with ease.