In the 21st century, social media marketing is considered the most important way to grow your start-up business. While it is certainly vital to any marketing campaign, it’s important you don’t forget about print marketing. It’s affordable and versatile, with options to suit any budget, brand, and audience. FedEx has even called print marketing “essential” to a successful campaign (

Here are 3 print marketing ideas to inspire your offline presence and boost your small business.

1. Flyers

Small flyers (usually A5 size) can offer a vibrant and informative but quick introduction to your business. These are easy to hand out at events or mail out in direct mail marketing campaigns; you could also have them displayed at the shop counter if you have one. They allow you to present the key information about your business concisely, directing the reader to your website or social media, as well as your physical location and any special offers. Flyer printing is a fantastic way to spread the word and boost your business in a cost effective way.

2. Business cards/Loyalty cards

It may sound old fashioned, but business cards can go a long way to getting your small business known. They are small enough that a customer could take a few to share with friends and for you to keep in your pocket for any opportunity that may arise to hand them out. A loyalty card should encourage customers to return as well as create familiarity and positive associations with your brand.

3. Branded envelopes

An envelope with your logo on the top can be a great first impression of your business for someone who has just received correspondence from you. This could be for your direct mail marketing campaign or general practices, such as mailing invoices, posting your product, or giving out gift cards. Whatever it contains, putting a branded envelope through the letterbox will make your brand a lot more memorable than a plain white envelope would.

An effective print marketing campaign will bring more eyes to your product as well as add a personal touch to those vital advertisements. To get started, head over to to see how we can help develop your prints with our easy to personalise design templates and high quality, affordable printing on a variety of products to suit you.