When you are setting up a new business, there is so much to remember. Although it may seem like a small thing, stationery is an essential part of all businesses, especially when you are starting out. To make things easier, we’ve compiled the ultimate stationery checklist.

Business cards

Business cards are a business person’s must-have. These pocket-sized cards are designed to keep about your person so that you can hand them out whenever an opportunity arises. Give them to potential clients, prospect customers, existing buyers or users of your service so that they can contact you when needed.

You can also leave them on reception desks and other workstations so they are accessible to be picked up. You don’t need lots of detail on them, just your name or the company name, your contact details, and a catchy selling point. Business card printing is a cost effective resource for all businesses.


When you send out communication from your business, you should do so on luxury paper. This will create an impression of professionalism and present your company in a positive light. Headed paper designed to match your company branding, with your business name and contact information, gives it that extra personal touch. Letterheaded paper looks great, serves an important purpose, and will keep you in the mind of your customers.

Compliment slips

Sometimes, you may not need to send a whole letter. When posting out a product, however, it is advisable to include a compliment slip. This allows you just enough space to leave a little note, be it a thank you, instructions on how to use the product, or some additional information, it shows the customer that you care. Again, get these pre-printed to match your company branding for a professional feel.

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Advertising material

Advertising and marketing material is also essential for startups. You will need leaflets, flyers, posters, and possibly even brochures and booklets. This way you can get your name out there and grab the attention of those potential customers.

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