A business card is the essential element that all business leaders and front-line staff can carry. They can project the values of your business, and convince strangers that you have the skills necessary to help them.

Despite their importance, some business leaders don’t pay much attention to their business cards. And this can lead to common mistakes that damage your reputation. Or they could prevent their successful application.

So, what are the common mistakes made on business cards?

1. Missing important contact information

One of the most common mistakes on business cards is that important information is left off them. This could include an address, telephone number, email address, website, business name or social media contact details.

Any of these missing could mean that it’s harder for customers to keep in contact with you. Therefore, they can’t contact you when they need your services.

2. Typos

Whether your text is grammatically incorrect or the telephone number has a typo in it, when this kind of mistake comes about, it damages your reputation. Customers expect that you put effort into your marketing materials; they’re supposed to show how much you care about your business, product and customers.

Always have your content proofread by a professional before putting it on your business cards.

3. No branding

What makes you different from the rest of the market? Ensure that you put that difference and your value proposition onto the business card. There has to be a reason why someone will call you for support.

It doesn’t have to be long, just something short that is memorable. Remember when business card printing think carefully about how the design is incorporated with your branding.

And don’t forget to include your logo and ensure that all the business cards have the same colour as your brand on the cards.

4. Too much clutter

One of the biggest mistakes made on business cards is when there is too much clutter on them. You only want to include the information that will help those reading it to make an informed decision to find out more. A business card is not a business leaflet. That is something different.

The less information you can get away with on your business cards, the better.

5. Poor quality paper

One of the worst mistakes is to have poor quality paper. If you’ve got a great design, showcase it on quality card. Poor quality paper will just ruin your reputation and imply that you’re cheap.

Ensure that any printing is done on paper that won’t tear or bend easily.


Your business card is a way to find new customers. Don’t let it ruin your marketing. Ensure none of the mistakes above are happening and you can be sure your little introduction will have a lasting big impression. For quality business cards, get in touch with PrintUK.com.