Everyone loves to receive a postcard – unless, of course, it’s the middle of a freezing cold winter and picture postcards from warmer climates are popping through your letterbox, reminding you exactly where you’d rather be!

But when it comes to direct marketing, a postcard to your customers can be an incredibly simple and effective way to raise the profile of your business, and there are several convincing reasons why.

1. Postcards create an immediate impact

The disadvantage of mailshots sent in envelopes is that they may never get opened. Consumers are wise to the appearance of so-called ‘junk mail’ and, if they recognise it when it lands on their doormat, may dispose of it immediately. A postcard , however, doesn’t need to be opened. As soon as it is picked up and glanced over, the message you’re sending will hit home. High quality postcard printing is a great way to grab attention!

2. Postcards get straight the point

If you’ve ever written a postcard home from a holiday, you’ll know that it’s remarkably difficult to squeeze much information into a limited space. When it comes to promoting your business, this is a definite bonus! Short, snappy messages are far more likely to be effective – such as a call to action, contact details or special offers – so make your point succinctly, without wasting words.

3. Postcards survive the test of time

A flimsy leaflet that arrives rain-soaked, crumpled or torn sends completely the wrong message about your business, risking making it look rather amateur. A postcard, however, printed on high-quality card, is more likely to remain in tip-top condition, conveying a professional image for your company. What’s more, it’s likely that an interested customer will pop the postcard in a prominent position, so it will attract the attention of other visitors to their home, expanding your target audience at no extra cost.

4. Postcards are easy to design

Because of their simple format, it’s very difficult to get the design of a postcard wrong. If you’re looking to save money by creating a design yourself instead of employing a specialist, a postcard is the ideal vehicle to promote your business. Concentrate on eye-catching visual images and snappy, memorable soundbites that let your customers know exactly what you can do for them. Alternatively, use our design templates to create that unmissable postcard!

5. Postcards are cost-effective

Postcards are among some of the most affordable marketing media so if finances are a concern, but you need to grow your business, they can be a cost-effective way to get your message out there. They don’t even need to be distributed by the postal service if you’re targeting local customers; delivery by hand is far cheaper and even more effective, as your postcards won’t be swallowed up with a pile of other letters.

So, if you agree that postcards could be the next marketing tool to attract more customers to your business, get in touch with PrintUK.com to find out how we can support the growth of your brand.