Whether you’re a startup business looking to market and promote or an established business looking to network, a printed business brochure is the perfect way to show off your company. While a leaflet or flyer can be great for grabbing attention and offering a snapshot of your business, a brochure is the perfect way to really showcase what you’ve got and go into more depth. With that in mind, here are 5 things all business brochures need:
1. Your branding
Whatever your aim, a business brochure is, essentially, a piece of marketing and as such should follow all the usual rules when it comes to branding. Be sure to make good use of your company colours, logos, fonts and images to build recognition, trust and reputation.
2. Your story and USP
Unlike a poster or flyer, your brochure can contain more information on who you are as a company. Your story, mission statement and unique selling point (USP) are all important in letting potential clients know what you stand for and allow them a deeper understanding of your business. This can lead to more interest and potential sales.
3. Relevant information
Be sure that everything in the brochure is relevant to the product or business aspect you’re trying to portray. Everything from pictures, detailed descriptions and costs should be included and presented clearly.
4. Contents list
Depending on how many pages your brochure has you may want to consider a contents list on the first page. People will appreciate being able to easily find what they’re looking for. In this case, you would also need to make sure you’ve included page numbers.
5. High-quality brochure printing
Your brochure will represent your business so it’s essential that it is printed to a high standard. Having clear images, easy to read text and a glossy finish will show your professionalism and dedication to quality, which will help make a positive impression.
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