Design and marketing go hand in hand and there are very few marketing techniques that don’t use an element of graphic design in some way. However, design work can be costly, especially for a small business or start-up business who needs to focus their time and money in other areas. Luckily, and other companies/website offer design templates for everything, from posters and leaflets to business cards and letterheads. Using a print design template is a perfect option, for many reasons.
Saving you time
Designing a professional leaflet, for example, is not a quick job if you start from scratch. The initial design is only the start and you’ll probably find that revisions and edits are needed at several stages. By the time you are happy with the positioning, the images and the fonts, you could easily end up spending several hours on what should be a quick and simple task. Using leaflet design templates, you’ll be presented with pre-set, customisable designs that are pretty much ready to go!
Saving you money
Not only will you need an adequate design program such as InDesign or Quark, you’ll also need an art worker to get the graphic design done, meaning that amongst software and staff wages, designing a leaflet or other printed elements can become extremely pricey. To avoid having to do the work in-house, you can often outsource to freelance graphic designers, but again this doesn’t come cheap. Using an online design template tool, you can produce quality work without the unnecessary cost.
Completely customisable
Worried that using a leaflet design template takes away your opportunity to use your company branding? Don’t be! Online design templates allow you to pick a stunning design and then customise it so that it features your choice of colours, images, logos and fonts. Whatever design you choose, you can edit it to be entirely unique, so that no two designs are ever the same and you can truly stand out from the crowd.
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