Printing and print marketing has always been and will always be a highly effective part of the full marketing mix. From attractive packaging design to cleverly designed loyalty cards, using print marketing to promote your business is a fantastic way to engage with customers to generate business. Unlike digital marketing, print marketing allows you to connect with more of your customers’ senses, including touch. Using print effectively requires you to understand the preferences of your customer base so that you can design materials that will connect with them and encourage them to take the action you want them to. Below, we’ve highlighted two of the most effective ways to use print marketing in your business and some top tips for getting it right.
Posters and banners
Poster printing and roller banners are one of the most effective ways to market your product or service, highlighting your message to your target audience. Using bold, impactful typography, attractive colours and imagery and clever copy, you can draw the attention of your audience straight to your printed message. Be sure to think about the size of the text you’re using – so that the largest text pulls out the most important points you want to communicate, and that the colours and imagery you choose best represent your brand.
Loyalty cards
Printed loyalty cards are a fantastic way to encourage repeat business, and an opportunity to develop your relationships with your consumers from one-off transactions to long-term customers. By giving away a free product, or discount on a service after so many purchases, you’ll not only be encouraging customers to return to you, but you’ll also be making people feel their custom is valued by you. With studies showing 64% of small businesses see a greater return from their loyalty programmes than the cost of implementing them, it makes total sense to invest. Attractively designed loyalty cards using premium materials will help your customers know the value you place on their custom.
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