Some forms of printed media are designed to fulfil just one function each, but fulfil it superbly. For example, branded stationery is designed solely to help you boost brand awareness while distributing important documents. By contrast, other types of printed media can be used in multiple different ways to benefit your business.
If you run a startup business or SME with a limited budget, it makes sense to focus on the most versatile forms of printed media. By channelling your budget towards types of media with multiple applications, you can boost your business’s profile in as many ways as possible for as little money as possible. But which forms of printing elements are the most versatile? Which should your SME or startup utilise?
Poster printing
Poster printing can be used to fulfil three functions: they can drastically boost brand awareness among the public, distribute vital information about your business and improve your internal branding by strengthening your business’s sense of identity. They are big, bright and bold, which means they can be deployed in public spaces to ensure that consumers know about your business. However, printed posters are also large enough that you can fit detailed information on them, which can help reassure customers that your business is reputable and competent while simultaneously showing them how they can buy products or services from you. Finally, posters can deployed in your business’s offices or premises to show of the type of business you are, and cultivate a strong sense of corporate identity among your workforce.
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Business card printing
You are probably aware that printed business cards are vital to the success of any business venture. What you may not realise is that they can be deployed in a wide variety of ways. They can be distributed to prospective business partners in order to build up a strong network of contacts, but they can also be given to prospective customers as a form of marketing. In fact, the article by Work it Daily: (3 Benefits Of Having A Business Card) says that carrying business cards allows you to “grab any networking opportunity with both hands”. If you include a link to a website on your business cards, they can also be used to direct recipients to your online presence (which is indispensable for marketing purposes). Business cards can be deployed in any context at a moment’s notice, so they’re always worth investing in.
Printed envelopes
You may not think of envelope printing as an integral to your business’s success, but printed envelopes are incredibly versatile and can make a real difference to your marketing campaign. They can be used to send any form of direct mail-style marketing material, such as leaflets, flyers or letters, and they can also be used for important missives that you need to send to existing customers. Regardless of their contents, they are always great for generating brand awareness, and ensuring that your business stands out.
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