You may think of stickers as something that only kids use, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Printed stickers are an invaluable business asset that can be utilised in a huge variety of ways. If you’re still to wake up to the many marketing benefits of printed custom stickers, here’s what you need to know.
Many uses
The best thing about stickers is that they have so many different uses. They come in a huge range of sizes, can be made from different materials (for both indoor and outdoor use) and can be used alongside all sorts of marketing tools to promote your brand – the only limit is your imagination. For example, you could add promotional stickers to goods that are temporarily on offer, you could give out eye-catching free stickers at trade shows, or you could give stickers with your contact info on to your customers so that they always know how to get in touch.
Affordable and flexible
Stickers are cheap to produce and easy to take wherever you do business. For a small outlay, you have a promotional tool you can use almost anywhere, which will help your company’s brand and message get seen. We recommend using stickers on all your packaging to increase brand awareness and highlight your professionalism.
Long-term value
As large quantities of stickers are cheap to produce, you can order in bulk and use them for months or years at a time, enjoying their added value over the long term. Obviously this only applies to generic stickers, such as ones that have your logo and contact info printed on them, rather than stickers with specific, time-limited information on them.
Target market
Sticker printing works particularly well with certain target markets. If your key demographic is teenagers or young adults, printed stickers are a perfect marketing tool. Also, if you’re trying to promote music gigs or fun events, stickers work extremely well. Leave sheets of stickers at key nightlife spots or other places where your target audience hangs out (for example, the student union of a university) and you’ll find that your stickers get picked up, displayed, shared and seen by tons of people.
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If you’d like to benefit from the many advantages of printed stickers, order your custom sticker printing from today – we’re your commercial printing experts.