February holds the day we celebrate Love, largely through the means of paper, the traditional Valentine’s Day card. Often overlooked since the rise of the digital marketing, print still holds an incredibly important place in the marketing mix, believe it or not Print is NOT dead. As a tangible marketing method it generates credibility for your business .We have put together some of the main reasons why you should Love paper and print and why it should remain at the heart of your marketing mix:
For all businesses of any size, in any industry, credibility is paramount. The reputation of your business is essential to its survival. The trust and loyalty your shareholders, investors and customers have in your business will have a direct effect on the success of your company. In order to maintain your reputation and stance you must build credibility. Printing of tangible marketing materials with your branding such as brochures, envelopes, letterhead paper to name a few will create professionalism around your brand.
Attention & Focus
In our world we are constantly bombarded with digital noise, receiving a piece of printed material therefore immediately grabs our attention, it seems almost a rare occurrence these days. Through print marketing there are endless opportunities to design and advertise your brand and business. In comparison with other forms of marketing whether it be digital adverts or emails, print marketing can create almost constantly visibility. Print media offers a variety of content areas: inspiration, special offers, news, updates and more, all of which generate engagement between the reader and the brand. To get the most out of your marketing collateral it pays to use high quality designs and materials such as a glossy front and back cover or a thicker paper stock. Small adaptations such as these are cost effective but will maximise professionalism in your brand exposure.
Screen Break
Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), a condition resulting from focusing your eyes on a computer or screen for a sufficient period of time is becoming more apparent amongst many of us today. This increased recognition of the harmful side effects of excessive screen use is leading to more of us turning back to traditional information platforms in a non-digital format. Studies have shown the act of touching paper and turning pages increases the retention rate of the information you are reading. This sensory media experience has the capability to promote brand awareness and your advertising effectiveness. It’s a no brainer, if you want people to know more about your business and the products and services you offer, give them something physical to read.
Print = Power
The versatility of the printed marketing medium is vast. Available in a number of forms: from mass audiences to individuals in various sizes, designs, types and finishes it’s the ideal marketing form. Printed flyers, brochures, leaflets and posters work as standalone campaigns but also when used in conjunction with other forms of online tools. Printed marketing materials have the ability to transfer far more information to the potential audience than digital advertising platforms largely due to space .Catalogues and brochures provide inspiration for customers and potential new customers who can be directed to your website to make their purchase. Research has shown that adding print to your advertising media mix will increase the return of investment of your marketing campaign.
All for one & one for all
Modern digital presses offer businesses and marketers with the ability to print entire publications based on the profiles and requirements of their customers and potential new client base. Adding personalisation and targeting the needs of your customers adds to the effectiveness of the print medium. With a tailor-made approach rather than generic one your consumer loyalty will increase and client base expand. Personalisation doesn’t need to be as complicated as it sounds just choose the right platform and the results will speak for themselves.
Print, when integrated with other media forms can be highly influential for any brand and business. Expanding your brand awareness and solidifying your brand identity is essential for the survival of your business.
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Long Love Print! Make 2018 the year you reintroduce print back into your marketing mix and see the results for yourself!